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Wakefield Hunt
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Part	Beats	Description
A1	16	1st man cast down to 2nd place (2nd man move up), set to 3rd woman 
		and two-hand turn her, ending in 2nd place.
A2	16	1st woman the same, turning 3rd man.
B1	16	All six slip left and right.
B2	8	1's gate down through the 3's.
 	8	1's gate up through the 2's.
C1	8	1's and 3's right-hand star.
 	8	1's and 2's left-hand star.
C2	12	1's and 3's three changes of rights and lefts (starting with partner).
 	4	1's go down the outside one place, passing 2's from the set below, while 
		the 2's go up the center to become 3's in a new set.

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