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          Round for eight
A1   16  Hands eight into center and fall back; partners set, corners set,
A2   16  All that again.
B1   16  Partners arm right (8); men left hands across to places as ladies
B2   16  Partners arm left (8); ladies right hands across to places as men
         skip round (counter-clockwise) (8).
A3   16  Partners side (8), set right and honor (4), go on to next (4).
A4   16  Side with next (8), set right and honor (4), go on to next (4).
B3    8  Original head couples (now at sides!) lead in a double, lead back
         and make arches facing out.
      8  Original side couples cast round, pass through arches, and skip back
B4   16  Repeat (side couples make arches, head couples cast).
A5   16  Arm right with THIS partner; arm left 1 1/2 and go on to next.
A6   16  Repeat with next, fall into lines up and down room (close together;
         original heads at ends of line, lady left of current partner).
B5    8  Join hands in lines, fall back, and forward a double.
      8  Turn single, cross over with opposite to form lines across room
         (Original sides at end of line).
B6    8  Fall back in lines, come forward.
      8  Turn single and cross over with opposites to original places.

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