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We'll Wed and We'll Bed ("Dublin Bay")
         Longways for as many as will

A    4  first couple set diagonally across to corners (1st W preceding)

     8  turn corner by R hand until 1st couple is above, improper

     8  1st couple cross by L, move down outside, passing one person, then
        come in the middle, ending back-to-back between the 2nd couple
        facing neighbor

     8  arm right with that neighbor ending in middle of line of 4, all facing down

B    8  line of 4 falls back a double, then forward a double, releasing
        hands & turning toward neighbor at the end of the phrase to form
        a line of 4 facing up.

     8  line of 4 falls back, then forward a double

     4  the 2nd couple gate the 1st couple up the middle & down the
        outside to progressed places

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