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1970's Amateur ChampsHere is your chance to get top quality ballroom dance instruction from one of the top dance couples in the Washington area and the United States.

Alex and Tatyana Rubin are professional ballroom dancers who started their dance careers in 1970 and competed in many international competitions in their home country, Russia, and also in Europe and the United States. They have been teaching dancing since 1976. They are one of the few couples who combine their own dance competing careers with their teaching pro-am career. Many of their students have achieved and continue to achieve top standings in competitions throughout the United States.

Professional Standard Competitors In 1979 Alex and Tatyana turned professional after reaching the top amateur position in their home country. During their professional career they represented their country as the star team in various international competitions held in Russia and in Europe with very successful results. In 1983, they opened their own dance studio and worked with a large number of competitive dancers who have since achieved high standings in world championships.

Alex and Tatyana are currently ranked not
only as the finalists in most of the local competitions but also as one of the top couples in the Washington Area and throughout the United States. They were trained by and continue to take coaching from top coaches of the United States and the world. They specialize in teaching and coaching to all levels of dancers both in the American style and the International style.

The Rubins designed and built the Telemark Dancesport Ballroom Studio,
with 2000 square feet of floating dance floor, more than ample lighting and excellent accoustics.
The Ballroom is used only for private coaching and the
2nd Saturday Practice party.

To schedule coaching, please call the Studio:
301-774-0767 or send them an eMail at:

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